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How do I email out Membership Renewal forms for the next season
The first step is to amend the ‘Cover Letter’ Template to ensure it has all the information your members need to renew their membership eg. preferred renewal method; club contact details; club fees, etc.
Go to Maintenance > Templates > Edit Membership Renewal Form. Amend and save this template. Then:
  • Go to ‘Reports’ > ‘General Reports’ > ‘Member Reports’.
  • Click on ‘Advanced Search’
  • Report Type = ‘Membership Renewal Form’
  • Output Format = PDF
  • Renewal Season = 2015/2016
  • Status = ‘Active’
  • Registered Season = 2014
  • Tick the ‘Email to Members’ box
  • Tick the ‘Declaration’ box
  • Print Cover Letter: ‘Yes’
  • Print Declaration: ‘Yes’
  • Print Membership Details: ‘No’
  • Tick the Display Report Here box.
  • Display Report.
Surfguard will then produce a report of members that have been emailed their pre-filled membership form and provide you with pre-filled forms for those without email addresses.

Last Updated 6 years ago

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